What are waist trainers? Everything to know about waist trainers

What are waist trainers? Everything to know about waist trainers

Every woman craves to be proud of her body. She wants things that accentuate her body. She desires to be blessed with beautiful curves, thunderous thighs and heavenly hips.

Not every woman is born with a curvy structure. However, one can adopt certain ways to obtain curvy structure. One such way is to use waist trainers.

This is a complete guide to learn about using waist trainers.

What are waist trainers?

A waist trainer is a high compression shaping garment. It is worn around the midsection. It slims the waist line instantly. They stimulate thermal activity by the compressing the muscles. This makes the user sweat more. It also enhances the efforts of workout. This is because with less effort, the person starts sweating more.

Do waist trainers really work?

Yes. The waist trainers give an hourglass figure to the user. It is a good motivation for those who are at the early stages of weight lose programs. It is a constant reminder to achieve the goals. It helps the user eat small portion of food. Learn more from these waist trainer reviews.

How many hours a day should the user wear the waist trainer?

The recommended time limit is 8 hours. After 8 hours, the skin might start itching. It can also be painful after 8 hours.

Checklists of waist liners for first time buyers

  1. The waist trainer should be tight
  2. It should not roll over the waist. If so, it is too small for the person
  3. It should provide space for the muscles to breath. The user should not experience any pain.
  4. The trainer should not cause bulging

What is the size of the waist trainer?

Measure the smallest part of the waist. This is the right size to get the waist trainer. While buying international brand, know about the sizes in inches. This is because different countries name the sizes in different ways. Small size in UK and Australia is between 6 and 8 whereas in US it is between 4 and 6.

How do waist trainers work?

The waist trainer gives a beautiful silhouette to the body. It generates heat when the person wears it. The heat is generated because of the compressing action. The generated heat mobilizes the fat. The stored fat should be activated for the body to convert it into energy. Exercises takes months together to force the body to access such stored fat. Hence, the waist trainers help to reduce fat at a faster rate

The compression of the shaper around the stomach reduces appetite. This means the food intake of the person reduces. This forces the body to access stored fat. Hence, it offers double advantage.

Do they make the hip look larger?

Yes. This is because it compresses the mid portion of the body by pushing the muscles downward. Use a padded bra to bring in the hour glass shape. These waist trainer reviews help to learn more.

However, the figure silhouette formed with the shaper is much more beautiful and attractive. This is because the projection of hip adds to the figure of the lady.

Tips and warnings about using a waist trainer

  1. The weight lost by wearing a waist trainer is temporary. Once the user stops wearing it even for a day, his appetite returns and he is back to square one.
  2. It does not remove the body fat when worn for a greater number of days. This is because, it can act only on the subcutaneous fat, that is, the fat stored under the skin.
  3. If worn for more than 7 to 8 hours, it can have serious damages on organs. With waist training the upper organs will move upwards and lower organs will move downwards
  4. It causes dehydration. As one sweats a lot with increasing body temperature, water in the body is lost extensively. And drinking lots of water is not possible. This is because the tightening effect in the stomach prevents it from demanding food and water.
  5. It weakens the back muscles if worn for longer period of time. This is because the muscles are not used. They stay inactive without any movements for long periods of time. This leads to weakening of muscles.
  6. It affects the breathing. Especially when they are worn while exercising, they can cause cramps, discomfort. One should avoid wearing it during physical tasks.
  7. Prolonged uses can also lead to pulmonary problems and kidney issues.
  8. Today there are many teenagers who use waist trainers. It is not good for their health. As they are still on the growing phase, it affects their growth and other metabolic activities catastrophically.

What to expect if the user is a first timer?

  1. In the beginning the user cannot wear it for 7 to 8 hours. It is painful after a few hours. Therefore, while using it for the first-time plan to wear it for very few minutes.
  2. A new waist liner is not easy to put on. One can take help from a friend to push it and pull it. However, wearing the same waist trainer the consecutive times is easier.

Styling suggestions

  1. Always choose a color that can be concealed by the clothing.
  2. One can also wear waist trainers along with shapers
  3. As the waist trainers add on weight to the hip, one can use butt – enhancing shaper to make it look smaller.
  4. It acts as a great foundation for slacks, skirts and blouses.

What is latex waist trainer?

  1. It is made of rubber
  2. As the material is elastic, the effects produced are greater
  3. However, if worn for long hours they can be painful than the ordinary waist trainer

How to care and extend the life of waist trainer?

Wash the waist trainers regularly after using them twice. One can use warm water and baby shampoo to remove the dirt. Never put them in the dryer. Always store them flat in a drawer or on a hanger without folding it.

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