Minimal Biography

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón was born on July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, in the house that was owned by her parents since 1904, and which today is known as La Casa Azul. Daughter of Wilhelm (Guillermo) Kahlo -of German descent- and Matilde Calderón -original of Oaxaca-, Frida is the third of four daughters. Her two sisters, Matilde and Adriana, are the oldest. Cristina, the youngest, will be very attached to the painter. However, over the years, will hold an affair with Diego Rivera that will cause the separation between Frida and the muralist.
Frida has a difficult childhood. At 6 he suffers from poliomyelitis, a condition that will later be a determining factor in the deformation of his womb and, finally, in his inability to have children. However, the shortness of her right leg does not prevent her from being a restless and tenacious student. So much so that he studied at the National Preparatory School.

At age 18, on September 17, 1925, Frida has a tragic accident. The bus he is traveling on is hit by a tram. The consequences are serious: fracture of several bones and injuries in the spine. Due to the immobility to which the first months are subjected, Frida begins to paint. Thus, it is related to several artists, among them the photographer Tina Modotti and the already recognized Diego Rivera. In 1929 the muralist married Frida. The couple will live in La Casa Azul, the home of Frida’s childhood, and in Diego’s studio in Mexico City. Kahlo and Rivera will also reside in Cuernavaca and in various cities in the United States: Detroit, San Francisco, New York.

In 1930 Frida suffers her first abortion. In November of that same year and because of Diego’s work, the couple travels to San Francisco. In this city the painter meets Dr. Leo Eloesser, who will be one of his family doctors and one of his best friends. A year later, in the city of Detroit, Frida suffers a second abortion, and a third after returning to Mexico.
Diego’s infidelities increase the emotional crisis of the artist. Frida divorced the muralist in 1939 but a year later they remarried again.