Everything you need to know before choosing bow sights

Everything you need to know before choosing bow sights

If you are an archery sights lover there are several bow sights which you can be able to choose from. Many of the available sights tend to include features which are confusing or unnecessary. There are those which come when they are already attached to the bows which are used for archery competition or others which normally focuses on mountain hunting which is long range.

  • Multi-pin sights: They offer a variety of pros over the other options in the market. The main advantage of using this type of archery sights is their ability to be able to set yardages which are permanent. When you have yardages which are permanent, you will be able to know where to exactly aim the pin on the animal even if the animal moves farther or closer from you.

Its disadvantage is with its setup as you have to keep practicing splitting pins. This is an effect which happens especially when your target tends to be at a distance between your present pin yardage.

Multi-pin archery sights tend to show up in bow combos which come with accessories included.

  • Single pin archery sights: They provide a different advantage. They are able to dial particular yardage that you desire. All you have to do is to adjust to the yardage of your target. They are used in all types of archery competition all over the world due to its exactness of the adjustments of the yardage. When you compare these with a multi pin sight, there is a high chance of being able to hit quarter sized bull eyes with single-pined sight due to having exact yardage instead of splitting pins.

Its major disadvantage if it is inefficient. If the animal you are targeting ends up coming with lower yardage than what you have set, then you will end up missing the target as the pin will be off. You will need to reset the yardage while the animal is close to you, daring to tear you in pieces. It is a great risk as compared to its advantage. If you want a dial sight, then you can go ahead and have a single pin sight.

  • Digital sight: After you are done weighing the advantages and disadvantages of single pins and multi pins, you might not be ready to pick either of them. That is how digital sights were started. They have the capacity to allow you to range with ease and accurately acquire the target in whatever situation you find yourself in. Its uniqueness is that the entire system is a single pin sight and digital.

The system for digital ranging is able to adjust the reticle in the display by a push of a button, with the hand located on the riser. You will be able to get the best of both worlds and more. With the digital sight, you will be able to have a sight that is single pin with the necessary adjustment without the need to worry about the targets which are moving from one yardage to the next. It also has the on the fly adjustment of the multi-pin sight.

As much at it sounds great, not all archery sights archers are using it. One of the reasons could be due to its high cost budget and thus, if you are a hunter who doesn’t have a sponsor, it might be too expensive to afford.

The other con is that there is loss of primitive technology. The top compound bows will be able to allow you to perform feats which are casual which are impossible when it comes to a traditional archer who tends to utilize the recurve bow.

With the availability of the bow sights which are digital, archers will tend to further towards technology and away from the primitive string and stick.

Which one is the best?

There are several factors which as an individual, you will have to consider in order to pick your preferred bow sight. There are plenty of competition and options in the business of compound bow sight. Much of it has to do with comfort. Whatever type you choose needs to fit what you will be comfortable with.

When you are ready to take the shot, it needs to help you to only focus on the task ahead of you and nothing else. In case you feel uncomfortable about any archery sights, it means that you will not be confident to be able to pull off the shot. You need to ensure that, the sight which you finally settle for, is the one which is comfortable and compatible with your archery equipment and that will make it possible to avoid problems with the range or woods.

Using a bow sight

Once you have made up your mind which bow sight is best for you you will need to be able to mount it onto your bow. It is very simple to mount a bow. As long as you have a allen wrenches, then you should be in a position to have all the tools that you will require for installation.

At this point it will be important to note that, you might need a peep sight to be installed as well which should be in your actual bowstring, helping to align your eye with the sight when you are doing a full draw. It is very easy to install a peep sight but it will be best if you looked for the assistance of your local professional staff to be able to do it for you. With the peep installed and your sight mounted, you can go to the range and be able to sight in.

When you are doing the sighting with your bow, it will be best if you started with the distances which are shorter as you move up with 20 yards being the best starting point. If you decide to use a multi pin sight, then set your top pin at 20 yards. Try to take a shot at 20 yards and see where the arrow will be able to hit. Their might be a need to do some adjusting.

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